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As a commercial client of Turner Insurance, all of your important policy documentation will be stored online via our Turner Insurance customer portal. You will have access to your information 24/7 and will be alerted through your email whenever a change or endorsement is processed. A short video may accompany your documentation as Kyle informs you of updates on the policies from one year to the next.

You will have the ability to print your policies if you so choose, and information on billing, payment, and claim options can be found on the www.turnerinsurance.net site as well. Of course, we are always here as well to lend a hand – just give us a call or email!

If you are a current client of Turner Insurance, we thank you for placing your trust with us. If you would like to inquire more about becoming a customer, keep browsing our website, give us a call at 765-855-2300, or email kyle@turnerinsurance.net.